Non-Invasive fat loss laser

Lose Inches

Gain Confidence

Knoxville’s only non-invasive cold laser for fat loss. FDA Market Cleared for overall body circumference reduction and greatest results for combined circumference reduction in the industry.

NO needles, NO down time, and NO lengthy appointment

Introducing the Zerona Z6 Body Contouring Laser, a cold laser technology that will reveal a smaller waistline, smoother curves, and tighter skin in just a few short relaxing sessions. Zerona’s six adjustable arms will be concentrated on areas of the body tailored to your specifications, making this procedure unique to your body type. 


Unlike traditional liposuction and cryolipolysis that destroys fat cells, disrupting normal endocrine function, Zerona Z6 forms transitory pores in existing fat cells, draining them of fatty acids, lipids and other contents that exit the body over the proceeding 48-72 hours through the lymph system. The result, with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, is a long lasting beautiful contour that will have you wearing your favorite clothes and living your life with confidence!